A toothache is impossible to ignore. The throbbing, the constant discomfort – it just doesn’t let up. You may think you can muscle through or wait for the problem to subside, but the only way to get true toothache pain relief is with the help of your Carlsbad, CA, dentist. If you are suffering with severe tooth pain, contact Ida Alfonso Dental Arts to get help right away.

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Causes of Toothaches

Effective toothache pain relief is possible once the problem is evaluated, diagnosed at its source, and proper treatment is administered. There are many things that could be happening within your mouth to cause your discomfort, including:

  • Tooth decay: One of the most common causes of tooth pain, tooth decay is most likely to cause extreme pain only once the cavity has become very large.
  • Infected pulp: If the pulp of the tooth is inflamed or infected, this deep tooth decay is typically result of bacteria that has found its way into the tooth through a cavity or crack.
  • Impacted tooth: An impacted or partially erupted wisdom tooth not only causes tooth pain but can damage alignment and rub against other teeth, delivering even more damage.
  • Gum disease: The pain caused by gum disease may or may not be from a toothache – this problem can cause all types of discomfort as the infection attacks the gums and spreads through the mouth.
  • Gum recession: Receding gums reveal more and more of a tooth that can result in extreme sensitivity and sharp pain when hot or cold beverages wash over that area.

Not every dental problem is a toothache, but some complications can mimic a toothache so it’s important to get the right diagnosis. No matter what you think the condition might be, always have your teeth and mouth checked so you can find out what’s really going on and get appropriate toothache pain relief.

Treatments for Toothache Pain Relief

No one wants to have a toothache or find themselves at the dentist’s office, but we are proud to be here for our patients to deliver the toothache pain relief they so greatly need. Often, a toothache requires a same-day dental appointment or emergency dentistry – don’t try to wait out the pain until your next regularly scheduled appointment or a more convenient day.

Allow your dentist to make the call about whether you need to be seen right away and trust in their solutions. The goal is to get you out of pain as soon as possible and that may include treatments such as:

  • Root canal therapy: Sever tooth pain is often the result of an infected tooth root. Root canal therapy involves the cleaning out of the tooth roots and filling them in to prevent further infection from developing.
  • Tooth-colored filling: Tooth decay can be small or large, but if it hasn’t compromised your entire tooth, a tooth-colored filling can correct the problem. The decay will be cleaned out and replaced by composite for a natural-looking restoration.
  • Porcelain crown: Very large areas of tooth decay may call for a porcelain crown instead of a filling. Once the decay is cleared away, a customized crown covers the tooth for total restoration. Crowns are also used after root canal therapy to protect the tooth from additional problems.
  • Tooth extraction: Dentists always work to save a tooth and extraction is a last resort, but sometimes a tooth is so badly infected that removal is the only viable option. If extreme tooth pain is caused by an impacted wisdom tooth, extraction is the obvious solution, delivering toothache pain relief and saving the rest of your smile from damage.

Toothache Pain Relief in Carlsbad

Don’t suffer with tooth pain unnecessarily. Your dentist is the only one who can truly eliminate the problem and relieve your discomfort. Get help right away from Ida Alfonso Dental Arts in Carlsbad. Contact us to discuss your situation.