If you have a damaged or infected tooth, your dentist will do whatever possible to save the tooth first, but sometimes tooth extraction is necessary to preserve your oral health. Whatever situation you find yourself in, do not despair. Your smile can be whole again, it just might require an extraction first. At Ida Alfonso Dental Arts in Carlsbad, CA, we explain the importance of tooth extraction, how it works, and the next steps for your oral health.

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Why Tooth Extraction Is Necessary

Tooth extraction is always the last resort for any dentist, even in a dental emergency. When it becomes clear that a tooth cannot be adequately treated with another procedure like root canal therapy, filling, dental crown, or otherwise, removing the tooth is the only option to stop pain and prevent further problems from developing.

Tooth extraction provides immediate relief for problems like the following:

  • Extreme tooth decay
  • Tooth infection
  • Jaw trauma
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Broken tooth root
  • Abscess
  • Bone fracture

The Tooth Extraction Procedure

Tooth extractions are a routine procedure, but every adult tooth has an intricate, fully established root system, and it must be thoroughly removed along with the crown of the tooth. Even damaged teeth may still be firmly lodged in the socket and require meticulous extraction.

A numbing agent and oral sedation are administered for calm and comfort. Throughout the procedure there may be pressure but no pain. It will also be a noisy treatment – you may hear snapping as the tooth breaks apart from the socket. Here are the basics:

  • The tooth is moved around in its socket to separate it from the ligament.
  • Infected tissues are removed and the socket is washed.
  • The area is carefully inspected to make sure nothing is left behind.
  • Extraction site is closed and detailed instructions for after-care are provided.

Dental Restorations After a Tooth Extraction

Every tooth has an important role to play in your mouth so, if you have a tooth extraction, it’s important to settle on a dental restoration to fill that empty space. Even if you had a molar in the back of your mouth extracted, it is necessary to replace the tooth to help you bite, chew, and maintain tooth alignment, jaw strength, and face shape.

It will take weeks for the extraction site to heal fully and sometimes months for the jawbone to heal. During this time, your Carlsbad dentist will monitor your progress and you will discuss dental restoration options such as:

  • Dental implant: Replace both tooth root and crown for a permanent, natural-looking solution.
  • Dental bridge: If one or two teeth are pulled in the same area, a bridge is clasped in place and anchored by dental crowns to fill the space.
  • Partial denture: Whether implant-supported or designed as a removable appliance, this restoration fills the holes left by extracted teeth.

Tooth Extraction Cost Factors

Every tooth extraction is different, which means cost factors will vary for every patient. For example, some teeth are more difficult to remove than others because of intricate, intact root systems, while planned, routine extractions are likely to cost less than an emergency extraction. Other cost factors include:

  • Number of teeth being extracted
  • Location of the tooth
  • Condition of the tooth
  • If nearby teeth are damaged and need to be repaired
  • Sedation dentistry
  • Dental restoration needed after the extraction
  • Dentist’s experience
  • Location of the dental practice

There are many financing options available to help cover the cost of what’s going on in your mouth. Never try to suffer through dental pain or discomfort because you fear the diagnosis. There is always a way to make you feel better and do so affordably, while helping you maintain a whole, healthy smile.

Get a Tooth Extraction from Your Carlsbad, CA, Dentist

If you are experiencing a dental emergency or worry that you have a damaged or infected tooth, contact Ida Alfonso Dental Arts in Carlsbad, CA, to be seen as soon as possible. Tooth extraction may be necessary to correct your oral health problem, but only your dentist can tell you for sure.